Tips to appear fashionable wear oversized sweater

oversized sweaters
oversized sweaters

You can appear fashionable in all season, include winter or rainy. From boots, coat, cape, cardigan, oversized sweaters and even the body can be heated, without abandon fashionable image.

If you think oversized sweater is only suitable for use as a fever, you are wrong. With a few modifications and proper solid match, you need not fear drowning in a sweater.

So as not to seem to hide your body shape, follow tips to appear fashionable wear oversized sweater:

1. Use a big belt
Choose a belt that is slightly larger to reconstruct the missing shapes your waist, because large-sized sweaters. Make sure the belt width commensurate with big sweaters. Do not use a thin belt because it will create a silhouette of a balloon in your body.

color oversized sweaters
color oversized sweaters

2. Pair with cropped pants
Balance the volume of sweaters with skinny, or cropped pants. If the weather is not too cold, you can use hot pant and mix with a killer pump. But, if the weather is very cool mix with a beautiful pair of boots.

3. Apply color
Because your sweater oversize, you'll want to choose a sweater with a dark color to make it look slimmer. Then, mix your oversized sweaters with brightly colored pants to elongate your silhouette.

4. Pair with a collar
Oversized sweater may look too casual to work clothes. But, accent collar will change that opinion. Pair with a shirt or collar necklace with white or other solid color so you look more formal appearance.

mini skirt
mini skirt

5. Pair with a mini skirt
Pair oversized sweater with a mini skirt or mini dress to balance the volume of sweaters. Pair with tights and super tall winter boots to make it look more beautiful.

Try these Tips to appear fashionable wear oversized sweater, and you will look trendy.