Lee Min Ho in childhood photography

Lee Min Ho
Lee Min Ho

Do you know Lee Min Ho? Famous Korean actor since the act became Gun Jun Pyo in the series 'Boys Over Flowers', he increasingly became a favorite, especially among women. His handsome face and his name quickly made a career soared.

However, not always to be famous like Lee Min Ho can feel to live in peace. Successive bad news comes in the life of Min Ho. Starting from the women problems affairs to face and hairstyle.

Recently, Lee Min Ho photos in the past that sticking to the surface, including photography of his childhood face. As quoted from page Korea.com, two childhood photos Min Ho had made a lot of fans excited. The face of his childhood, not as handsome as his face today.

On the site was shown two photographs Lee Min Ho with a crew cut hairstyle plaid-shirted, and another one was a picture of Min Ho uses a black T-shirt holding a mike.

Lee Min Ho photos

Looking at the photos, a number of comments from many readers who claim that they did not believe that it is a picture of Lee Min Ho. There's even a claim that the first photo cropped haircut plaid-shirted, not really convincing as Min Ho.

"Is this really him?" Wrote the reader in the comments below the news. There is also a saying, "somehow the second picture at the left it does look like him .... But im not totally convince ..," commented another reader.

Indeed, had the news spread, Lee Min Ho underwent plastic surgery in favor of a popularity. The news about the issue of plastic surgery is performed opposite Son Jin Yen in the series 'Personal Taste' was first widely heard when a plastic surgery clinic accidentally put a picture of the actor on their site. The photo was taken in December 2007.

In the photo, Lee Min Ho was flanked by two doctors clinic. According to Pop Seoul.com, Lee Min Ho touted perform surgery on the nose. He raised bumps on the nose in order to form a perfect nose. Not only that, he is also rumored to perform surgery on his jaw.

Lee Min Ho face

However, the accusation was denied by the actor's place of shelter management. They say Lee Min Ho does have a natural good looks.

Many of the photographs Lee Min Ho in the past that sticking to the surface and compared with Min Ho who face today is much more handsome than the first. The photos are outstanding it makes curiosity lovers Min Ho more developed.

That many are comparing face shape Min Ho was and now, by looking at changes in the cheekbone, nose, and lips form a sharper than ever. Of course this news was quite shocking for the Lee Min Ho fans. However, it turns Min Ho did not lose his fans. Whatever happens in the life of Min Ho, all fans receive a huge heart.