Tips beauty hair without washing hair

washing hair
washing hair

Are you ever go activity or going to office without washing your hair because it does not have time? I believe your hair felt dirty and limp hair.

This problem can be tricked by the tricks of Paul Cucinello, creative director Chris Chase Salon, New York City. You can still look beautiful even though no time to wash. Just follow the tips beauty hair without washing hair, as quoted from

Tips beauty hair without washing hair:
- For long hair with layers
One way to deal with long hair limp and dirty is to make a ponytail. But, if you just tied up, keep your hair look greasy and no volume. Look very pretty. So, do the following tips that ponytail look up to.

long hair with layers
long hair with layers

1. If your hair is dry, use a little styling cream to hold the hair.

2. Then, take the hair and tie in a low position. Make sure you leave the bangs and the hair on both sides of the face.

3. Then, pull the remaining hair to join the hair ties. Tie back with another elastic band to keep the hair remains in place.

4. Finish up by taking a bit of hair to cover the rubber, then hold the hairpins below.

wavy hair
wavy hair

- For wavy hair
Did you know, wash your hair too often it makes the hair more frizzy and unruly. If you want to have a natural wave to linger without using curly iron, do the following trick for wavy hair.

1. Before bed, wet hair using a spray, then use a curl-enhancing mousse to facilitate the perfect wavy hair.

2. For the hair into three sections, and braid each section. Tie about 2 cm from the tip of the hair.

3. In the morning, loose braid hair, then comb with your fingers. Use a smoothing cream for smoothing unruly strands of hair. "It will make your hair wavy naturally," said Cucinello.

straight hair
straight hair

- For straight hair and soft hair
Maybe you can usually just make a ponytail if it did not get to washing hair. But, there are better ways to make hair look does not limp, which made a big braid.

According Cucinello, braid is the key to great looking hair has volume, which usually disappear when not washing hair.

1. Dry Spray texturing two to three centimeters from the root so the hair does not look greasy.

2. Begin creative with braids. Its simple, braid hair from the head to 2 cm from the tip of the hair. Make sure you are not too tight when braiding hair. Create a little loose.

3. Hold the elastic hair tie that color is not much different with your hair color.

curly hair
curly hair

- For curly hair
Curly hair you can more easily set up quickly. Playing it with tongs and short form.

1. Prior to the arrangement, spray dry hair with shampoo or dry texturing spray.

2. Then, give a little oil on your hair with your head upside down. Tie hair collected at the top of the head. If your hair is very coarse to give the oil on the hair.

3. Then create short form by rotating the hair around the bond. Or, you can use a hair band from the tip of the hair, then roll the hair around the hair tie to the base of the bond. Fasten with a simple pin that has a similar color hair.

4. Spray hairspray for durability.

short hair
short hair

- For short hair

Make super fine hair so if you do not have time to wash your hair in the morning.

1. Pull the top hair and make ponytail. But, if you have a pixie haircut, skip this step.

2. Slowly, spray hairspray on the hair bottom, while care with a comb.

3. Loose ties to the ponytail, then use a flat iron to direct the hair to one side of the face.

4. Then, spray hairspray all over short hair.

Try tips beauty hair without washing hair, and congrats for your new hair !