Foot type and guide to choose fit shoes

fit shoes
fit shoes

Celebrity appearance more complete if supported with fit shoes. Footwear is now no longer merely gaiters but has become an important part in fashion.

However, not all models shoes fit you wear. There are several types of feet that affect the suitability of the appearance of their owners. Here are foot type and guide to choose fit shoes, as quoted from Idiva.

Customize with your posture
Tall woman wearing a short dress or denim skirt can wear kitten heels, Mary Jane style shoes or light-colored shoes to jazz up a simple outfit. While women can get around the shortcomings of short stature with a convenient platform stilettos for nighttime display of sweet and funky. It could also wear wedges for daytime.

Women short posture should avoid closed shoes or curved shape. Options wedges or heels France arch and form posture gives more proportional. While the ladder-legged women can tease partner by wearing high-heeled shoes are thin. Wear with skinny jeans, knee-length dress or skirt.

For men, black pants, dark blue, or green military should be combined with black shoes. While the gray pants, khaki and bright colors worn with brown shoes.

flat shoes
flat shoes

Feet wide
Owner feet wide at the toes and narrow heel toward requires a lot of space on the front of their fit shoes. This is so that your toes can breathe.

Shoes with a wider front most suitable to the owner of this leg. Shoes ankle straps is perfect to create the impression of more tiny feet yet comfortable. Flat shoes and thong sandals are also a good choice.

We recommend that you select shoes that use a rope crossed or open toed shoes instead of closed shoes. This will give the foot a sleek visual appearance, while providing space for the feet to breathe.

Men with wide feet should avoid shoes that led to a very blunt or rounded. Choose shoes that led to a sharp but still help to give enough space for a wide foot.

closed shoes
closed shoes

Feet flat
Many people feel their legs did not have a clear curvature. This makes them hard wearing shoes that have a lot of elevation, because the legs do not get the support needed. We recommend that you select shoes that have cushioning and arch on the inside of the shoe.

Closed shoes are also suitable for those who did not have curvature in the legs. Try lace-up shoes, colorful, girly wedges with flower detail or dark color and crossover straps.

Legs slender
This type of slender legs from the heel to the tip of the foot and ankle proportionately equal or narrower. The owner of this leg takes footwear to withstand the weight on their feet. All shoe laces and loose without the right support makes it difficult to walk the owner of this leg.

Instead, try a strappy shoe that is able to support the foot on the front. Ballerina flat is a good choice for slender legs. With little variation, try experimenting with heeled shoes such as Mary Jane, French or kitten heels.


Stilettos and pumps are also well worn with short dresses, formal wear dresses. A pair of platform shoes to give a sense of comfort as well as support in the foot.

Men with slim legs pointy shoes can try but make sure the toe is not too sharp. For a touch of fresh, boots are also perfect for the slender legs.