Hair tips to avoid bed head

bed head
bed head
Sometimes when sleeping with wet hair can give a nasty surprise in the next morning. Hair will display its most eccentric, making it very difficult to manage. People used to call it bed head.

To get rid of bed head, try to dry your hair before bed. But, if you do not have time due to a remarkable drowsiness, you can do the hair tips to avoid bed head.

In order for the hair more volume in the morning.
Fine hair that has a tendency to fall flat when you take sleep in a wet state. To get the volume in the morning, do the following hair tips before sleep.

volumizing spray
volumizing spray

- Spray a volumizing spray all over hair that will give volume to the hair when the hair is dry.
- Create a high ponytail, then wrap the hair with a hair bun on the bond. Make sure the knot is loose because the bun is too tight will not make hair dry and can cause damage to the hair.
- Flops to avoid messy bun.
- In the morning, comb your hair, and let loose.

In order for wavy hair.
For those who have shoulder-length hair, it's impossible to get wavy hair naturally without any arrangement with a curling iron in the morning. But, try the following hair tips to avoid bed head.

hair tips
hair tips

- Apply a light mousse from roots to tip of hair to help hold the shape of hair when dry.
- For the hair into two sections of the forehead to the nape.
- Then, create a braid on two sides. Make sure the braids are not close to the roots of the short hair as it will only create a strange curly shape in the next day.
- In the morning, your hair explained. For the impression of a natural wave, you can spray salt spray on the hair and trim them by hand.

Try hair tips to avoid bed head before you sleep, you will see more beautiful when wake up in the next morning.