Steps wear head to toe print style

head to toe print style
head to toe print style

Are you was adept at fashion trends 2012? Challenge yourself to look dramatic with the head to toe print style as suit trends this spring.

If the motives of soft shades of rampant seen late last year, the motives are more cheerful and prominent will adorn the window of the boutiques in the spring of this year. Not only on daywear dress, but also in every fashion items from head to toe, all sprinkled motifs.

Head to toe print styles brought on runway stage by some of the world's fashion houses like Louis Vuitton, Suno, Akris, and Marc Jacobs. LV and Suno introduce intricate motifs on modern clothing so it can be directly used. One of the LV collection consists of blouse and wide flare pant with a pattern matching navy and white combination. The combination of both may imply the impression of comfort is also elegance.

This fashion trend does seem a bit daunting when applied to real life. But, try to peek Olivia Palermo style that uses patterned jumpsuit striking cobalt color combined with crystal studded peep toe pump.

fashion print style
fashion print style

Or, it could also mimic the style of Zoe Saldana exclaimed with a blazer and matching short motifs are combined with a white blouse. As well, the appearance of Margherita Missoni wearing midi dresses combined with woven platform sandals that have a motif similar to the dress but different colors.

For beginners, try the following steps wear head to toe print style, as quoted from Who What Wear.

- Separate motif with plain white or other solid color to create a relaxed impression.
- Combine the style of your print head to toe with statement heels or flats beautiful and unique.
- Combine motifs to create a more bohemian look. Margherita Missoni like appearance that creates a beautiful look Daywear choice.

Each appearance has a different style, but they still look beautiful. So, try these steps wear head to toe print style and make your appearance more trendy.