Fashion trends from the designers in the runway

fashion trends
fashion trends
Today, is perfect time to update the appearance. Before you add a collection of clothing and beautifying appearance, firstly you must know fashion trends from the designers in some of the runway.

# Hit motifs
Entering the spring of 2012, the trend hit the motive and the layer will increasingly popular 'actors' street fashion. Inspired by the Milan Fashion Week, you can do the same thing. Note, the trend hit the motive is one way to update your old clothes. So, no need to spend money to buy the latest fashion items.

If you are still afraid to incorporate a variety of motives, you can combine a plain dress with a patterned one fashion item as a first step. If you have more courage, mix several different motives which have in common so that your appearance is not too crowded.

# Neutral colors
If last year shocked the fashion world with the fashion trend of bright colors, Milan Fashion Week is back with the option to look fashionable with neutral colors like black, white, and gray. These colors will not be boring if you combine. Combine it with a neutral color other neutral colors, like black with brown, peach with a gray, navy blue with black.

minimalist fashion
minimalist fashion
# Less is more
As in years past, Minimalism trend fashion designers remain a reference in designing the collection. Call it the Givenchy at Milan Fashion Week, which is dominated by simple cutting without much accent wrinkles and layers. You can imitate it by choosing a dress with a simple piece with neutral colors. The black color may be the right choice for the minimalist fashion look. Contains a feminine touch with pastel colors.

# Polka dot
Inspired by Kate Foley's collection at London Fashion Week, you can add polka dot pattern on a garment or accessory. If your appearance is dominated by this motif accessories make sure you keep plain, and vice versa. To view the daily, use polka dot shorts with a plain shirt, shirt, or Dotty dress with a simple belt.

# Beautiful with monochromatic
Monochromatic appearance to look more attractive with a striking combination of colors and accessories. Choose a color combination that still exists at the proximity of so it does not look like a game of color blocking. Choose a combination of navy with baby blue, dark green with lime green, orange with yellow light. But, make sure you do not choose the natural color, and combining different fabrics.

peter pan collar
peter pan collar

# Peter pan collar
School girl look with patterned fabrics and peter pan collar can be exciting options in the spring of this year. Choose a knee-length dress or skirt can create effects on your body slim. Do not forget to adds tops with peter pan collar.

# Wide leg trousers
Pair wide-leg trousers with a sheer shirt like appearance of the model at the Paris Fashion Week. Make sure you choose a pair of pants with a touch of vintage. Play and mix with the color layer natural.

# Statement trousers
Floral printed trouser, or harem pants can be a fun option when hunting fashion item in the shopping center. As in New York Fashion Week, mix trousers with superiors simple statement. You can also experiment with a motif on the harem pants or select accent sequins.

# Brighten black and white
At New York Fashion Week, the designers showing black and white look combined with the accessory that has a bright color such as red, yellow, emerald, pink, or gold.

# Stylish with a blend of ruffled jacket and pleated skirt
Designers at Paris Fashion Week, such as Louis Vuitton gives choice for lovers of fashion to keep up with the curve of the body typical woman, but combined with a ruffled jacket and pleated straight skirt. Apparently, the designers tried to restore the era of fashion trends 80-year. Combine your vintage jacket with a fitted blouse and pleated skirt. Do not be too much to play with colors as accents you use already make you look busy.