Beauty tips wear fashion items for body parts

fashion items
fashion items

In fact, you do not need to have a super skinny body to look nice. All you need is to camouflage the body parts that are not attractive and showing off the interesting body parts. Therefore, you should know your body first before deciding what you will wear a fashion items is fit for you.

Select the three parts of your body that are not perfect and three body parts that you think you deserve to show off. Then, skewer with beauty tips wear fashion items for body parts, as quoted from

- Neck
Hide: If you have a neck that is too long, you can hide it in your boss or supervisor turtleneck collar.

Show off: If you feel your neck is too low, select V-neck top or a U-neck tops because the boss is make your neck look longer.

fashion for shoulder
fashion for shoulder

- Shoulder
Hide: If you want to make your shoulders look narrower, wear darker colors on top. Raglan sleeves are also able to make the shoulders look slimmer. Avoid wearing anything that adds volume at the shoulders like a balloon sleeves because it will attract the attention of shoulder not on your waist.

Show off: If you want to make your shoulders seem more fields, use a wide collar or epaulet on his jacket. Wear clothing also with foam on the shoulder dress, or the shoulder belt so that you are more established.

- Back
Hide: Back wide can you hide by using a dark or well-fitted jacket.

Showcase: The back section you will look prettier if you use a backless gown or halter neck.

fashion for waist
fashion for waist

- Waist
Hide: The size of a large waist can look slimmer if you use a cut tailored peplum jacket or cut.

Showcase: Wrap dresses tied at the waist can show off your slim body.

- Breast
Hide: Semi-fitted styles, V-necks, sweetheart cuts and can make big breasts look more beautiful. Stay away from high-collared or turtleneck with horizontal motif that can make you look thicker.

Showcase: Use accent wrinkles in the breast to add volume to small breasts. Horizontal line pattern and empire-waist cuts (wrinkle under the breast) will also make small breasts look better.

fashion for stomach
fashion for stomach

- Stomach
Hide: Hide your distended abdomen with empire-waist gowns. Use the same dark color on top to cover it. Wrap top also could be the right choice to cover your stomach.

Showcase: Show off your slim tummy to wear fashion items that fit in the body.

- Buttocks
Hide: You are a big buttocks can you cover it with a wide flare trouser, A-line dress.

Show off: If you have a small butt to use skinny jeans, accented pockets in the pants, and pencil skirts.

fashion for arm
fashion for arm

- Arm
Hide: Hide your big arm by using a jacket arm 3 / 4, and blousy sleeves.

Showcase: Use sleeveless, halter tops, strapless DREs to show off your arms are small.

- Calf
Hide: If you have a large calf hide to avoid skirts and pants 3 / 4 will make your legs look more spacious. Also avoid wearing ankle strap shoes because it will make your legs look shorter.

Showcase: Show off your legs with a slim A-line knee-length skirts and high heels that can beautify your feet.

- Hips
Hide: palazzo pants, A-line skirt able to cover your big hips.

Showcase: Pants with pockets on the right and left can give volume to your hips are narrow. Use also a fashion item trumpet skirt is able to give the curve on your body.

Try tips wear fashion items for body parts to make beauty appearance.