modify shirt to be collars trend 2012

modify shirt
modify shirt
Do you have long shirt that has not been used? Do not rush to throw it away. Perform modifications to shirt that can be returned to use with different styles, and make collars will trend in 2012.

Let's modify shirt to be collars trend 2012.

- Collar cameo necklace
Your old shirt look can no longer be used, but you can take the collar only. Then, modify shirt to collar necklace is beautiful that you can use to elegant dress.

brightly colored plain shirt, beautiful buttons, scissors and thread.

collar cameo necklace
collar cameo necklace

How to make collar cameo necklace:
1. Cut the collar on the shirt. Follow the existing stitches. Make sure you tidy up clipping the edge of the collar.
2. Sew buttons on top of beautiful buttonholes. Make sure the buttons are located right in the middle of the collar.

- Studded collar
Got a plain white shirt? Make your shirt more beautiful by adding a metal stud that usually adorn the boots, leather jacket, or your shoulder bag.

Plain white shirt or a solid, metal studs, and pliers.

studded collar
studded collar

How to make studded collar:
1. Attach the metal studs on the top of the collar. Stacking parallel to the seam.
2. Turn the collar, and then paste stud with pliers.
3. Attach the metal studs on the bottom collar. Then a second step repeated.
4. Arrange three rows of metal studs so and several columns. Approaching the collar folds on the back side, stacking metal studs into two lines.
5. Continue on the left side and back of collar. Make sure you are careful in preparing the stud so it looks neat and balanced on the right and left collar.

Try modify shirt to be collars in 2012 trend, Good Luck.