Hairdo can arouse desire

hair do

Hair is part of a woman who first noticed by the man. The reason, because women's reproductive health and the characteristics of ideal beauty behind the hair.

However, there is one important factor why men like to pay attention to women hairdo. Hair style or hair do can radiate sensuality woman who can attract the attention of men. You can arouse desire your couples with the hairdo.

Here hairdo can arouse desire:
1. Ponytail
Although looking like a teen innocent teens, women who often wore her hair with a ponytail, including a woman who dared to do challenging things.
"In fact, hair pulled away from the eye, than to cover it indicates confidence in terms of desire," says Ian Kerner, PhD, author of Be Honest - You're Not That Into Him Either, as quoted from pages of Cosmopolitan.

Tip: You want to make love quickly and passionately. Surprise your partner with a lit candle, slow down and prolong session.

2. Superstyle hair do
If you are a woman who always wanted a landscaped hair even when alone at home, your love of order. Also illustrates the consistency in a private meeting.

"You'll be happier when orchestrating an encounter than to follow the direction of the couple," says the author of Body Language, Alan Pease.

Tip: Control yourself, so you do not lose precious moments in exciting activities. Close your eyes mate, control entirely in your hands.

3. Messy bun
Like break off the hair so as to form that looks messy but sexy. You really crave something that is glamorous in the boudoir.

"The woman who likes her hair really liked the attention of men," says Pease.

Neck, according to Pease, also the most sensual part of the female body. So, flaunt it is one way to tease your partner unconsciously.

Tip: You look like a woman who loves beauty and romantic man deserves the effort.

messy hair
messy hair

4. Messy hair down
You always loose hair free, impressed even sexy. The sign, you feel comfortable with yourself.

"You feel very comfortable with life. You'll be happy any time anywhere to enjoy your life," says Kerner.

Tip: You like to comb hair with your fingers? This time use your finger to gently touch the body of the couple at any section you like.