Kate Middleton looks elegant when rain

Princess Kate Middleton elegant
Princess Kate Middleton elegant
Rain weather did not seem to hinder the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton looks elegant and glamorous. Though clad in long dresses that sweep the floor, rain which flushed not make her look less elegant.

Unfriendly weather is fine when the premiere of the movie "War House" by Steven Spielberg began. However, a row of guests in attendance did not recede meet Leicester Square, a place to hold the event. One of the guests who attended in the pouring rain is Kate Middleton and Prince William.

That night, she attended accompanied by her husband, Prince William. In the premiere, Kate Middleton looks elegant and glamorous as it passes on the red carpet wearing a long sleeve black dress with embroidery accents. Long dress sweeping the floor is more beautiful by the presence of a black floral dress in women who had just turned 30 that year.

Kate Middleton on red carpet

To maintain the beauty of the look of Kate Middleton dress, she deliberately minimize the use of jewelry. Princess Kate was only wearing a silver ring and bracelet with a simple touch of decoration, and tucked a black velvet clutch, as quoted from Dailymail.

While Prince William, who accompanied comes with a matching outfit. Black jacket accented with a bow tie, black shoes and a choice when attending to the event. As he crossed the red carpet the rain-soaked, the couple strolled smiling. Princess Kate Middleton looks elegant, even though the rain event venue. However, the husband faithfully holding a tiny umbrella with transparent side black list, in line with their clothing line that night.