beauty body female artist in 2011

beauty body celebrity
beauty body celebrity

Here celebrities that was selected as the beauty body female artist in 2011 by This selected based from readers watching the celebrity article at fresh news in blog.

Be sexy and beauty body is the dream of all women around the world. Especially for the Hollywood celebrities. For female artists, has a beautiful body, sexy and plump is a must. Not surprisingly, the various ways they do to maintain her beauty.

Because the body slim, a number of celebrity earned the accolade as sexiest woman in the world. Not only that, there are also parts of their bodies are becoming a trend in society and made public in droves have a beautiful body like a celebrity.

Here's the celebrity that was selected as the owner of the beauty body female artist in 2011 by blognewsfresh:

Miranda Kerr body
Miranda Kerr body

1. Miranda Kerr
Gave birth to a baby could make the body model Victoria Secret are stretched. However, without the need for a long time, Miranda Kerr is able to restore her body into shape. In fact, she felt more plump than before.

"I'm a little more plump now, and I love it," Kerr said as quoted by the magazine Cleo.

Orlando Bloom's wife is happy with her body shape. And she felt more confident as a supermodel of the world. Miranda Kerr revealed the secret of slim. According to the Australian supermodel, lactating and pilates is a recipe in losing weight.

2. Beyonce
Beyonce Knowless is known as an artist who has a beautiful body and sexy. Her form is perfect. For Beyonce's body is the main capital to appear attractive. With her, the wife of Jay-Z is very confident in looking good on stage and off stage.

Sexy dresses tight and skimpy body shape emphasized the singer of 'Crazy In Love' this. In fact, when she was pregnant, she still looks sexy. Beyonce is a smart mix and match clothes so her pregnancy was even more featuring sexy aura.

Having a body like Beyonce became the target of the women in this world. In fact, many women tried hard to get the body style of this celebrity. Starting from the gym to plastic surgery.

Pippa Middleton body
Pippa Middleton body

3. Pippa Middleton
Pippa Middleton managed to steal the attention at the wedding Prince William and Kate Middleton in April. Pippa in the spotlight because of a British woman's body is considered perfect. Pippa appeared as a stunning bridesmaid dress with white satin Alexander McQueen design.

Pippa Middleton body shape raises the pros and cons. Many believe if it's not original but also a bit dubious. Even the experts think of beauty Pippa impressions when wearing a satin dress that uses special pads that make her backside look outstanding.

Regardless of whether or not fake, Pippa Middleton has made a beauty clinic in London flooded with patients who want plastic surgery to have a beauty body like Pippa.

4. Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston is one celebrity who is judged to have a sexy body. It does not look too skinny does not look fat. In fact, since undergoing a relationship with Justin Theroux, Aniston considered getting radiated beauty. It also affects the ideal body shape.

Rachel's body cast in the series 'Friends' is never look a little fuller. Jennifer Aniston does not matter. She felt comfortable with her body shape. And recently, the former wife of Brad Pitt's get the title as the sexiest woman of all time beating Angelina Jolie.

Kate Middleton body
Kate Middleton body

5. Kate Middleton
Since announcing her engagement to Prince William, Kate Middleton immediate popularity soared. This British woman into the spotlight, especially her slender form.

Kate Middleton body earned high praise. All are considered suitable clothing when worn 29-year-old woman. Kate Middleton the more sedate charm of public when she wore a wedding dress designer Alexander McQueen at his wedding last April. Simple cut dress that emphasized her slender body shape.

6. Jennifer Hudson
The singer who is also the actress began her career in the world of celebrity with a fat body shape. Initially, she was pretty confident with her huge body. She felt her body did not disturb her appearance on stage.

"I think my size is perfect," Hudson said as quoted from USmagazine.

Year change, the popularity of Jennifer Hudson also increasingly uphill. She began to realize the importance of appearance. Hudson began to think to lose weight. Her hard work succeeded, weighed down drastically. Hudson won her dream to get a beauty body that craved all along.

Body size from 16 to slim and proportional. Jennifer Hudson also lined up to be a spokesman for Weight Watchers.

Megan Fox body
Megan Fox body

7. Megan Fox
Who does not know Megan Fox? The actress received subscription predicate sexiest woman. Her beauty body made a number of women envious of this beautiful woman with long hair. However, Fox had appeared with a thin body and pale face.

New Megan Fox body no longer considered sexy aura. However, without the need for a long time, Fox returned to her shape back containing normal. She deliberately add weight and toning the body under the supervision of a personal trainer.

Megan Fox was showing off her body a sexy and healthy on the set of her latest film. By wearing a black and brown leather shorts, a former star of 'Transformers' looks more beautiful and sexy.

8. Mariah Carey
Mariah Carey's pregnancy make the body jumped dramatically. Especially after giving birth to twins. Excess body weight makes Nick Cannon's wife is not comfortable. Then Mariah Carey on a diet and regular exercise to restore her weight.

Mariah Carey worked hard to get back a slim body. All that is done famous singer is not in vain. Mariah Carey managed to lose body weight of 31.7 kilograms.