Lindsay Lohan pose on Playboy get paid $1 Million USD

Lindsay Lohan smoke
Lindsay Lohan smoke

American actress Lindsay Lohan back controversy. But now no longer dealing with courts and probation. More recently, Lohan 25 year old star willingly appeared no clothes on the cover of Playboy magazine.

Lindsay Lohan reportedly get paid nearly $ 1 million USD to pose sexy on the cover of Hugh Hefner's magazine. As quoted by page TMZ, Lindsay Lohan initially refused to appear no clothes because it is only offered for a fee of $ 750 thousand USD. She asked to Hefner, the pay rate should be close to a figure of $ 1 million USD.

Regarding the news, Lindsay Lohan and Playboy party spokesman could not confirm nor deny.

"I can not confirm nor deny at this time," spokeswoman Lindsay said in a statement. While the Playboy says, "We do not comment on rumors about who might and might not appear to magazines (Playboy). If there are changes, we will definitely tell."

This is not Lindsay's first time posing sexy. In 2008, the actress 'Mean Girls' also once posed no clothing to imitate the style of Marilyn Monroe on the cover of New York magazine spring issue, published on February 25, 2008.

Lindsay Lohan pose Marlyn Monroe
Lindsay Lohan pose Marlyn Monroe

Not only the style and the pose that made similar to Monroe's last photo shoot before she gone, Lindsay Lohan shooting for the magazine 'New York' is also performed by the veteran photographers who make pictures when it's Monroe, Bert Stern.

Bert Stern is a photographer who photographed Monroe at the Hotel Bel-Air California in 1962, six weeks before Monroe was found dead due to over dosage. The photos were made for the magazine 'Vogue' which would include interviews with Monroe.

Monroe Lindsay Lohan pose

When posing a la Monroe, Lindsay Lohan admitted feeling uncomfortable with appearing sexy plain.

Lindsay Lohan said, "I do not have to think long, working with Bert Stern who photographed Marilyn Monroe. This is truly an honor. I want to describe the appearance of truly living. I feel comfortable with it, the art and everything .."