Beyonce is a fake pregnancy

Last time ago Beyonce Knowles claim to be happy with her pregnancy. This sexy singer also loved to tell about the pregnancy. However, many suspect Beyoncé just pretend pregnant.

beyonce pregnancy fake
beyonce pregnancy fake
During this there are many doubt the pregnancy wife of Jay-Z. They think Beyonce is a fake pregnancy. And again widely heard these rumors after the artist was featured in a television show.

Beyonce Pregnancy widely questioned by bloggers and fans. They always wondered if the real Beyonce is pregnant or using a surrogate mother. Beyonce is also considered to overestimate the pregnancy.

And the issue of pregnancy doubts about the singer of 'Crazy In Love' was again widely heard when it circulated a video and screenshot that shows Beyonce. From these images, suspected pregnancy of former personnel Destiny's Child is a fake.

As quoted from Musiqqueen, Wednesday, October 12, 2011, Beyonce spoke directly about rumors is not tasty. In an interview, this artist has denied the accusation. She considered it false accusations, ridiculous, and stupid.

Beyonce Knowles expressed hermself very happy with the pregnancy. She was impatient to wait for a child. Beyonce said she would give birth in February.