Animation Movie Cars 2 story

Cars 2 movie
Cars 2 movie

You know ... Movie 'Cars 2' opens with a scene interesting :) Espionage and chases the first treat in this animation movie. Pixar's animated film made ​​is then directed his story on Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson), the mainstay of Radiator Springs racing cars. After the match, Lightning McQueen returned to the area to rest.

The return of Lightning McQueen certainly received a warm welcome from his friends. No exception friend, Mater (Larry the Cable Guy), the tow truck full of rust.

Movie 'Cars 2' story revolving until Lightning McQueen must return to the racecourse. This time, McQueen had to deal with Francesco Bernoulli (John Turturro). While Mater, for an event, suddenly targeted by the enemy because they have become a spy.

Animation movie made by Pixar no doubt. The emergence of movie 'Cars 2' accidentally released on the 25th anniversary of Pixar. The film is feast for the eyes as well as ears. Especially for lovers of traveling since there are some exotic city to be a place to race McQueen.

Yes, this time as Lightning McQueen's adventure around the world to Japan, Italy, Paris, to London. Unfortunately, the text of the Cars 2 story no less prominent, perhaps not as strong as the other Pixar films such as the story of 'Toy Story'.

In addition to some hilarious dialogue, stories of friendships still exist in this film made ​​by John Lasseter. Make no mistake, despite all the characters in 'Cars 2' is the car, but through this film we will also learn to be more environmentally friendly. Maybe the movie Cars 2 is suitable for families as well as for you lovers of racing cars.