Movie Dolphin Tale in Top Box Office

Dolphin Tale movie
Dolphin Tale movie

After in the top box office for two weeks, the movie 'The Lion King 3D' should be dropped to third with revenues reaching U.S. $ 11.1 million. Box office champion in the United States and Canada this week finally fell on the movie 'Dolphin Tale'.

As quoted from page to Reuters, the Dolphin Tale film starring Morgan Freeman and Harry Connick Jr. It was in the top box office after earned revenues of U.S. $ 14.2 million. Movie 'Dolphin Tale' story about a dolphin who was injured and should be rehabilitated and get a prosthetic tail.

Meanwhile, the position of the movie 'Moneyball' has not changed. Like last week, the film starring Brad Pitt was ranked two box office with revenues reaching U.S. $ 12.5 million.

Paul Dergarabedian of expressed, usually decorated with autumn-themed films seriously. But this time, the theme shifts in family films or films are more inspiring.

Nevertheless, a comedy movie titled '50/50' carve results are not too bad with it is ranked fourth box office. In this film, actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays a young man with cancer. Although the theme of the film is quite heavy, '50/50' got A rating from CinemaScore.