Michelle Obama shopping at Supermarket with disguised

Michelle Obama shopping
Michelle Obama shopping

Michelle Obama as U.S. President wife proud to shop in supermarket, as well as the average person. But of course she could not swing the same way again. Michelle Obama must be disguised.

Barack Obama's wife was spotted shopping at discount supermarket, Target, in Alexandria, on the outskirts of Washington, Thursday, September 29, 2011. Supermarkets can be achieved within 15 minutes drive from the White House.

Michelle Obama dressed not as elegant as usual. Wearing a gray baseball cap, yoga pants, floral tops, and sunglasses, the USA President wife itself encourages a red shopping cart around the supermarket. She was also carrying a bag containing groceries crackle.

Michelle Obama's secret shopping caught cameraman the Associated Press news agency. A source told to People Magazine, Michelle buy food and toys for the dog, Boo. Also some other items that are not mentioned.

Meanwhile, according to the Los Angeles Times, the activity of shopping at the supermarket is a private event, which was accidentally known a photographer who happened to be in the same supermarket.

Confirmed, the White House would not comment on Michelle Obama's activities. The reason, to protect the privacy of the First Lady.

However, they did not mention the trip as usual. "This is definitely unusual, the First Lady to slip out for a purpose such as eating in a restaurant, or enjoy the city outside the walls of the White House," said Kristina Schake, Michelle Obama's communications director.

In an interview with CNN, the manager of Target Supermarket, where Michelle Obama said the shop, there's hardly aware of employees who have been serving shopping activity the women's number one in the U.S.

"People do not realize, the disguise works," said Maria Panagopulof. "We were not aware, until she nearly left the supermarket, a cashier recognized her. Was dressed very simple, really unexpected," he said. He added that there was no notification addressed to his shop. "It's an incredible surprise."

Earlier, in an interview with Oprah Winfey, Michelle Obama had time to vent: a matter of shopping at the supermarket is the best thing she missed, since officially became the occupant of the White House.

"I think, a big sacrifice for people like us, is a 'bubble' around us," she said. "I can not go to Target Supermarket and walk around as usual. If it's done now, surely I'll ruin other people shopping."