Sara Leal will Open Ashton Kutcher affair

Ashton Kutcher affair
Ashton Kutcher affair

Hollywood celebrity Ashton Kutcher was again tripped cases of infidelity. A woman named Sara Leal claims she slept Ashton Kutcher on Friday night. In fact, this 23-year-old woman intends to open about her affair with Kutcher.

According to a report, as quoted from the New York Post gossip column, Sara Leal is preparing to tell the story of her affair with Ashton Kutcher. She'll open the start of their initial introduction until finally they were stranded together at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego on Friday night.

After the event, direct Sara Leal met with prominent Beverly Hills attorney, Keith Davidson. "Leal is discussing deals with several media," said the source.

Reportedly, the blond woman was negotiating about the price with some media. She waited for the highest bid of the media.

"She put the price of $ 250 thousand USD, but no one has bid at high prices," added the source again.

Word got out, Sara Leal plans to blackmail the husband of Demi Moore. Leal mention of asking for money to keep quiet about the Ashton Kutcher affair.

"What she really wanted to get the results of Ashton Kutcher. She has reached out to the Kutcher team," another source said.