3 Korean Artists Looks Sexy

In 2011 Korean entertainment industry is growing very rapidly. The artist is not only famous in Asia, but also spread to Europe and the United States. Competition of the artist became more stringent.

To maintain their popularity in Korean entertainment, many ways in which the Korean artists. Starting from selectively choosing serial or movie being played, in order to always keep the coverage in the media and some are choosing to look more sexy than usual.

These 3 beautiful Korean artists below, the center of attention because it looks sexy.
Kim Tae Hae
Kim Tae Hae

1. Kim Tae Hae
Kim Tae Hae is one of the famous Korean actress. Kim Tae Hae is recognized as the top in the Korean. A number of series, starring Tae Hae managed to get people's attention.

During this time, the public know the star of 'My Princess' is an artist with a sweet and always image innately gentle. Over time, Kim Tae Hae image began to change, from a quiet woman be a woman sexy and cheerful.

However, the most noticeable change is the style of dresses. She was seen wearing tight dresses and leather in a photo shoot. The dress that shows the beauty of Kim Tae Hae body that had been hidden.

Kim Tae Hae worn accessory is also more glamor and colorful. It further adds beautiful jewelry Tae Hae face.

In another shooting, Tae Hae look using makeup smokey eyes makeup is not as sweet as usual. Makeup that makes Tae Hae different impression and make it look more sexy. Impression of 'naughty' increasingly apparent when it is put together makeup nude-colored dress. Tae Hae appear more perfect.

And most of the attention is now posing Kim Tae Hae is soaking in a bathtub. She was more tempting.

2. Shin Se-kyung
Shin Se-kyung was praised because he was considered to have the perfect body. Front, back, sides all look perfect. Not surprisingly, her body became the dream of the woman.

With a dress that shows the back, made an appearance Shin Se-kyung more sexy. Shin Se-kyung also looks tempting as posed by wearing low-cut black dress. The dress is very accentuate curves and the chest of this beautiful woman.

3. Kim Ha Neul
Kim Ha Neul is busy with filming his latest movie. However, a few photos that show sexiness born actress February 21, 1978 was circulated. In one photo, Kim Ha Neul stylish military-style. However, slim stomach was tied up to show the artist.

Subordinates in the form of green shorts. Pose that seemed tempting to make Kim Ha Neul the aura radiates sexy.

In another picture, Kim Ha Neul wearing a thin black lace tops and low-cut chest. Left messy hair and red lipstick lips adorn the star of 'Happy Together' this.