David Beckham intends to Buy Luxury Jewelry for Victoria

david beckham
david beckham

Harper Seven Beckham present are able to rekindle romance celebrity couple Victoria Beckham and David Beckham. Beckham has always indulged his wife with romantic surprises.

Latest news, LA Galaxy footballer it intends to buy Elizabeth Taylor's jewelry collection to give to Victoria Posh Spice.

David Beckham touted are targeting legendary artists jewelry in the form of a diamond to be auctioned next month. This British man is willing to give the luxury jewelry for Victoria Beckham. He plans to spend money of U.S. $ 6 million to buy luxury jewelry.

"David was so happy since Harper (the Victoria baby) was born. He fell in love again with Victoria. He wanted to give a gift of the most impressive," said the source was quoted by the Daily Star, Tuesday, September 20, 2011.

Previously, Victoria Beckham also made a romantic dinner touched with the initiated by former Manchester United star. David Beckham deliberately cook for dinner with his wife. Then he also decorate their private bathroom with a beautiful variety of flowers and scented candles.

Since having a baby girl, Victoria and Beckham just feel like newlyweds. They have even more inseparable.

David Beckham feels that her fourth child has completed the perfection of his life. He intends to add a baby to the family to seven. He was very pleased with the number seven. For David Beckham, the number seven is a lucky number.