Evolta Robot do Triathlon in Hawaii

Evolta robot made ​​in Japan is also ready to do the triathlon in Hawaii, which is known as the toughest triathlon event. Robot named Evolta has previously been successfully climb the rope to a height of 1,500 feet or about 460 feet and drove in Le Mans circuit up to 24 hours.
evolta robot
evolta robot

"It's very heavy, even for a sportsman, but I think it's worth a try," said Evolta maker, Tomotaka Takahashi, as quoted from the pages of the Daily Mail.

"This robot is hard work, but I hope to overcome it all and ended successfully," said Takahashi.

Evolta robots only has about a tenth of man. This robot has been tested running over 500 kilometers. However, the triathlon must travel about 140 miles or 225 kilometers by running, swimming, and biking.

Athletes usually take less than a day. However, Evolta robot given until 10 days or 168 hours.

"Evolta has a high-tenth of man, because it takes ten times as much as humans do," said Takahashi.

When cycling, Evolta robot will use the bike made​​. Meanwhile, when running Evolta equipped with wheels like those used in the hamster cage, with a diameter of 51 centimeters. When swimming, Evolta also use tools like fins. Evolta hands that move the body to go in the water.

"I had to create a tool waterproof and protect it from rust as possible," said Takahashi.

Evolta robot will show the match on 24 October. Previously, Panasonic made ​​this robot has walked as far as 500 kilometers from Tokyo to the old capital of Japan, Kyoto.