Sebastian Vettel Favorite in Singapore GP at Marina Bay

Sebastian Vettel
Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian Vettel a Red Bull Racing rider did not consider himself as a favorite in Singapore GP despite appearing dominant in the first day of practice at Marina Bay.

Sebastian Vettel appear quite dominant on the first day exercise that took place at Marina Bay Circuit. After just behind the McLaren driver Lewis Hamilton in first free practice, Vettel became the fastest success in the second free practice.

Sebastian Vettel chance to make world champion in F1 Singapore Grand Prix this weekend, and with its performance on the first day of training, the German racer was predicted to be a champion at Marina Bay.

However, despite appearing dominant in the first day of practice, Sebastian Vettel did not consider himself as the favorites to win the Singapore GP.

"I do not regard it as an advantage. I think the exercises held tight. It's only Friday. The car feels good. We must look further conditions. We must look at other drivers," said Vettel, told Autosport.

Sebastian Vettel admitted it is difficult to determine its main rivals in the Marina Bay. But, the drivers from the German duo assess Ferrari, Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa, appear convincing on the first day of practice.

"I do not know. But it certainly looks very competitive Ferrari. Massa look good in a number of points, so we have to wait," Sebastian Vettel said.