Brad Pitt describes his marriage with Jennifer Aniston as boring life

brad pitt
brad pitt

Hollywood celebrity Brad Pitt makes a startling confession about his marriage to Jennifer Aniton. Pitt describes his marriage with Aniston as boring life and pathetic.

Reportedly, Brad Pitt statements which discredit his ex-wife because he was jealous, Jennifer Aniston has had a new lover. He is also jealous of the Theroux life is fun and has no load.

As is known, this time, Jennifer Aniston is in a relationship with Justin Theroux. Both have started to dare to flaunt their romance in public. Aniston has no doubt the hand Theroux although there were some paparazzi who are ready to shoot this couple.

jennifer aniston
jennifer aniston

And every move, Jennifer Aniston was never alone again. She is always accompanied by her boyfriend. Always happy hue on the Aniston face. In fact, both are rumored to have been home with her boyfriend's. Aniston was already no longer willing to be connected with Angelina Jolie and Pitt.

Meanwhile, Brad Pitt was busy with his life with Jolie and six children. Since with Angelina Jolie, Pitt said the charm fades. He no longer get the title of sexiest as he had ever previously achieved version of People magazine. While Theroux now with Aniston looks so handsome and younger than Pitt.

"Now, Pitt was busy with his six children and his face full of beard. Brad Pitt does not like it used to be," said the source was quoted as saying by the Daily Mail, Wednesday, September 21, 2011.

Brad Pitt does look really enjoying life as a father. However, beneath it, he reportedly miss the days like today Theroux. Free expression in appearance and ease in life. Not only that, Theroux with Aniston was said to have made Pitt frustrated.

Brad Pitt scathing comments about his marriage to Aniston is rumored to get a response. There are pros and cons with the comment that 47-year-old actor. Many were surprised Pitt out the words that are not feeling like it.

The coming of the response was made immediately rectify Brad Pitt statement. He claimed Jennifer Aniston was a fun person and not a woman who makes herself so boring person.

However, it was too late. People reportedly no longer sympathetic to the actors. Brad Pitt feared that action would create the popularity of the actor declined.