Suri Cruise school at The New Leadership Academy

Suri Cruise School
Suri Cruise School

Recently Tom Cruise started to introduce the trust that had been espoused, to the his daughter. Suri Cruise, who is now five years old, schooled at The New Leadership Academy, Los Angeles, which is a Scientology school.

As reported by the Daily Mail, on the first day of school, Suri Cruise not learn to draw or counting. But, she introduced the principles of Scientology, including affinity, reality and communication.

Learning systems in Scientology school, it is very different from regular schools. The students are taught something very complicated for her age. This was disclosed by a former follower of Scientology.

"Instead of learning basic words and mathematician, Suri Cruise and other children will learn how to rid themselves of engrams. Namely, the memories of the past that hinders learning and understanding," she told to Woman's Day Magazine, quoted by the Daily Mail.

She also revealed that children who attend school in The New Leadership Academy, a special diet, such as only eating foods low in carbohydrates, in fact, undergo fasting. It is considered a step to achieve revelation.

There are also robotics lessons in this Scientology school. The students are taught to create and interact with the robot. The cost to attend school in The New Leadership Academy, reportedly reached USD $ 30,000 per year.