Kago Ai not accept act in Film

Kago Ai
Kago Ai

Recently, Japanese actress Kago Ai be the center of attention. The 23-year-old artist did try suicide. Reportedly, Kago Ai wants to end her life because she was facing problems with her boyriend, Haruhiko Ando. However, the news had circulated that's not the problem that makes Kago Ai desperate attempted suicide.

According to information, as quoted from Tokyograph, Kago Ai born February 7, 1988 the artist was suffering from depression because she was involved feud with the management company that shelter, Mainstream. She did not get along with the manager. Rumors are circulating stating Kago Ai did not accept because she must act in a film taken from a novel.

As is known, on 11 September, Kago Ai tried making a suicide attempt. Kago Ai attorney, Sadatomo his client was trying to commit suicide by cutting her wrists. The former Morning Musume and was found lying unconscious with a wounded hand. She collapsed allegedly due to consuming an overdose of sedatives.

At first, allegedly committed suicide because her boyfriend Kago Ai was caught by the police due to extortion attempts. Kago Ai lover mentioned joining a mafia group in Japan.

However, there was also a suspect if the motive behind the suicide attempt of the artist because the relationship is not harmonious with artist management, especially to the leadership of Mainstream management, Ito Kazumitsu. Moreover, when hospitalized, Kago Ai reluctant to meet with manager. Two days came to the hospital, Kazumitsu can not see these artists.

In fact, when discharged from the hospital, on Friday, September 16th last night, Kago Ai tried to hide the news from the management.