Storm Lee affect in United States

Storm Lee
Storm Lee

Recently heavy rain began flushed several areas in the United States who are affected by storm Lee. Places of business started losing money because of this holiday season, where they should be lively visitors.

Reporting from the Associated Press (AP) on Saturday, September 3, 2011, Storm Lee warning has previously been deployed from the state of Mississippi to Texas. Along with the rain, flood alert extended to appeal to the Alabama and Florida Panhandle.

The storm Lee estimated caused landslides in the central Louisiana coast at the end of Saturday. Afterwards, these tropical storms will lead the eastern region with a decreasing rate, so that more rain will fall in the towns in its path.

"Heavy rain this time, but not nothing compared to Katrina," said James Malcolm, a resident of New Orleans in 2009 by Katrina swept her house. "The rain is still counted light. Things could have been worse."

Until Friday evening 2 September 2011, rainfall reached 2.5 inches in some areas of the Gulf Coast, including Boothville, Louisiana, and Pascagoula, Mississippi. Total rainfall varies from less than one inch to more than two inches in New Orleans.

Due to storm Lee, warning that Labor Day was originally to be held in various places had to be canceled. People in many affected areas have also been evacuated.