Jay Z have have a child out of wedlock

Jay Z
Jay Z

Last time ago, happy news about the pregnancy announcement Beyonce at the MTV Video Music Awards, making friends and fans of Beyonce feel happily. Wife of rapper Jay-Z desire to be a mother soon realized.

However, in the midst of happy news, the news blows no odor. Jay Z is rumored to have a child out of wedlock with another woman.

Jay Z had been undergoing marriage for 3 years with Beyonce. But it turns out, the famous rapper is also having a secret child from her relationship with model from Trinidad, Shenelle Scott. Child of Shenelle Scott and Jay-Z is reportedly already 9 years old.

As quoted by the Daily Mail, pleasant news was disclosed by Jerard Andrews, which none other man was the grandfather of the boy. Andrews stated that his son, Malik Sayeed, had thought that he was the father of the boy. However, after DNA tests, the results showed that the child is the son of Jay Z.

"At the time the baby was born, my son Malik thinks he's his son, but they do DNA tests. And certainly it was Jay-Z's baby," he told Star magazine.

"Everyone knows Shenelle slept with Jay," added the source.

Confirmation that Sayeed was not reported to his father two weeks later, when the results of DNA tests show the results.

"Two weeks later, he called me and said, Dad, I've got some bad news, baby it's not my child," the story of Andrews.

The grandfather also said today that 41-year-old rapper is still to bear the cost of living children outside marriage. Jay Z also gives the mother a house.

"Shannelle Scott told me that Jay Z gave her $ 1 million to keep quiet. From what I know, he financed his son. Shanelle receive the money and buy a nice home in Trinidad to live with her family now," he continued.

About this news, Beyonce was already known. Although initially angry, but the couple is finally able to accept each other. Until today, a spokesman for Jay-Z was still mum about the news of children out of wedlock Jay Z.