Sebastian Vettel Pole position in SIngapore GP

Sebastian Vettel smile
Sebastian Vettel smile

Sebastian Vettel happy during a press conference after the Singapore GP qualifying session at Marina Bay, Saturday, September 24, 2011. That smile can not get out from his face after assuring himself seized pole position.

Sebastian Vettel incised fastest time in qualifying session which is 1 minute 44.381 seconds. It is his 11th pole this season and make a chance to win 2011 world champion bigger.

Sebastian Vettel can indeed be a world champion F1 Grand Prix 2011 in Singapore, Sunday, September 25, with some reservations. If its rival, Fernando Alonso only finish in the top 4 or more, and both Jenson Button (McLaren) or Mark Webber (Red Bull) was a runner up, then Vettel will be world champion.

If that happens, Sebastian Vettel will also surpass the record as the youngest driver to become world champions. Naturally, if then Vettel feel satisfied with the results of today's Qualifying session at Marina Bay,Singapore.

"At last my little force on the bend 10. But my intention was to abort and try to relax so as not to damage the car," said Vettel at Singapore GP press conference as reported by Autosport.

"I am satisfied with the first round and in the end I believe it can go faster again. But overall this is a perfect session." Sebastian Vettel said.