Korean Drama Full House 2 with New Star

korean drama full house 2
korean drama full house 2

If you like watching Korean drama, get ready to welcome the series 'Full House 2'. The series reportedly will soon enter a period of production. However, in this latest series, you will not see the face of Rain and Song Hye Kyo also successful at acting in 'Full House' first. The Korean drama series will be played by new stars who have been selected based on strict selection. Who are they playing in Full House 2?

Having had time to bring up some names of Korean actors and Korea actresses will be starring in the series 'Full House' latest, finally did actress Hwang Jung Eum elected. Hwang Jung Eum will occupy the position of Song Hye Kyo. While the lucky replace the actor Rain, No Min Woo.

As quoted from allkpop, on September 26, it has been ascertained Hwang Jung Eum will be the female lead in romantic comedy drama 'Full House 2'. So also with No Min Woo.

Meanwhile, the producer of the series is still discussing to other male lead. Producers reportedly have earned the name. Men are still withheld his name was mentioned personnel is one of the famous boy band in Korea.

Apart from that, we first recognize Jung Eum. Hwang Jung Eum publicly known thanks to his role in the series 'High Kick Through The Roof'. Initially Jung Eum better known as a singer. However, his acting appearances in the series is to make this beautiful woman to be subscribed to get roles in other series such as 'Giant' and 'Can You Hear My Heart'.

According to company representatives who produce the film 'Full House 2', Hwang Jung Eum a pleasant personality and was always cheerful judged fit to be a leading lady in the drama.

Meanwhile, No Min Woo is known through the series 'My Girl is a Gumiho'. However, before the man born May 29, 1986 was first engaged in the world of music. 2004, Min Woo joins the band called The Trax. He survived in the group just two years. In 2006, Min Woo leave the band under the SM Entertainment.

Whether acting and Min Woo Jung Eum in the series 'Full House 2' will achieve success as obtained Soing Hye Kyo and Rain in the previous series? We'll wait!