Steven Seagal pay Compensation due to Killing a Puppy

Steven Seagal

Hollywood celebrity Steven Seagal a martial artist and actor is accused of killing a puppy. Due to the death of Jesus Llovera's dog, he is required to pay compensation of U.S. $ 25000.

Dog lifeless occurs when Steven Seagal a Hollywood actor is undergoing shooting realty show, "Steven Seagal: Lawman" where he served as deputy Sheriff.

As quoted from the Mirror page, Steven Seagal is not only required to pay compensation, but he was also asked to make an apology in writing. The incident that killed a puppy that began when Steven Seagal and his team created an explosion in the house of Jesus Llovera. At that Seagal was a chase scene in a cockfighting ring illegal in March.

Jesus Llovera claimed that during the attack deputies from the Maricopa County sheriff's office, Steven Seagal shoot the puppy and then die. Llovera said the attack happened at her house unwarranted.

Steven Seagal himself has issued a strong rebuttal of the statement Llovera. "I do not accept being called as the perpetrator of cruelty to animals. Even if it's just a role I would not accept," she said.