Pedro Novais Resigned

Pedro Novais
Pedro Novais

Fresh news from Brazil, Minister of Culture and Tourism of Brazil, Pedro Novais, resigned on Wednesday, September 14, 2011. This step is taken following allegations of government corruption fund was doing.

Reporting from the BBC website, Pedro Novais resigned after a Brazil newspaper report the man 81 years has been using government funds to hire a maid and chauffeur for his wife. This action was allegedly carried out Pedro Novais when served as a member of the Brazilian congress.

Accused so embarrassed, Pedro Novais finally chose retreat. He denied all the allegations and said his resignation for the sake of preparing a defense.

Previously, as many as 38 officials in the ministry was arrested for alleged misuse of government funds. They are also accused of giving tenders to companies that do not deserve, in return for some money.

Pedro Novais is the fourth minister in the government of President Dilma Roussef who resigned over similar allegations since January this year. Previously the reverse is the secretary of state minister, minister of agriculture and transportation, and defense minister.

This issue is used as a weapon for the opposition to attack Roussef. They said the current government will be full of corruption. Roussef government denied that. They say corruption is ingrained in Brazil, the difference now is this issue appears to the public and dealt with seriously.