Carla Bruni impatiently awaiting the Birth of the Baby

Carla Bruni baby
Carla Bruni baby

Pregnant woman always wants to protect the fetus in the womb during pregnancy. They try to live healthy by eating nutritious foods. However, not so with former supermodel Carla Bruni. The wife of President Nicolas Sarkozy admits fed up with her ​​pregnancy.

Carla Bruni want her baby to be born. She impatiently awaiting the birth of the baby. She wanted to taste a wine and smoke a cigarette.

"Frankly, I do not take it anymore, I spend most of time just sitting and lying down. I can not drink or smoke anymore. I wanted this child to be born," said Carla Bruni at the French newspaper Le Parisien, as quoted by page She Knows.

French First Lady already has Aurelien, children from a previous relationship. And the fruit of love with Mr Sarkozy is expected to be born in October of this year. Even so, Carla Bruni wants a child in her womb were born early.

"Aurelien arrive on time, this means I can wait a long time, but I really want this child to get out," she said.

When the baby is born, Carla Bruni did not want her baby into the media spotlight. Bruni also swear not to expose her children to the media.

France's first lady was also insist will never let the spotlight cameras capture the moment of birth the baby. The Italian supermodel who had become a singer was admitted to the trauma of a serious mistake ever made ​​to the previous child. One time she ever let the ten-year-old son of the couple previously exposed to the glare of media spotlight.

This happened when she visited the archaeological site, Petra in Jordan. At that time, Bruni still in love with Sarkozy before their marriage occurred in 2008.

Carla Bruni said until now she did not know the gender of the baby, male or female.