Apple company has denied allegations of Environmental Pollution

Apple company has denied allegations of environmental pollution is blamed by a coalition of environmental organizations in Chinese. According to Apple, their suppliers in China so far has committed to meet the highest standards of social responsibility.

Reporting from the CNN website on Friday, September 2, 2011, a coalition of environmental organizations of China published a report entitled 'The Other Side of the Apple II'. In the thick 46-page report, in addition there are photographs of pollution, there is also a map showing the presence of 20 dealers who allegedly polluting.

"We have committed to meet the highest standards of social responsibility in all our business network," said Apple spokesman in an email response addressed to a coalition of organizations.

The company has a CEO who has just recently stated, Apple's production process has been carried out by utilizing nature in a responsible manner.

In addition, the coalition is also posting a video that shows a small stream with a stream of yellow water. Yellow stream is thought to have come from factory waste two companies around the river, one of which was allegedly owned by Apple.

"We hope that Apple is willing to accept the fact that more and grow their businesses here, the worse the pollution they cause as well," said Ma Jun, founder and head of the Institute of Environmental Affairs and the Public Interest who disseminate reports of pollution.

Apple's own party to find there are some oddities in the list of companies contained in the report. To straighten out, they then ask to be held conference calls with members of the coalition, who immediately welcomed by the members.

In the Chinese country, Apple's very popular. According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, at the beginning of 2011, their income in mainland China reached $ 8.8 billion.