Victoria Beckham Baby steal the Public Attentions

Victoria Beckham daughter
Victoria Beckham daughter

Victoria Beckham and David Beckham daughter has managed to steal the public's attention. In fact, the name of Victoria Beckham baby has made ​​it into the list of 100 Hot Celebrity under the age of 25 years InStyle version. And she has defeated the Suri Cruise has been the most popular toddler.

David Beckham baby named Seven Harper was ranked the top beat Suri Cruise and well-known singer, Lady Gaga. Apparently, the baby girl was born last July, so the attention of the world community.

Not only that, a British magazine have started guessing what Harper Seven Beckham will be in the future. Does being a pop star, designer, or sportswoman.

Harper regarded as a lucky baby. Besides having a famous parent, Harper also has three older men are cool as well as a pile of designer clothes.

Harper Seven also steal the show when Victoria Beckham took her to New York. Victoria attended the event New York Fashion Week. At that time, Victoria is wearing a pink dress holding Harper looks. Then he ate lunch at a fancy restaurant in New York with the youngest child.

Meanwhile, as quoted from Hollyscoop, in the second position there is Zuma, the son of singer Gwen Stefani. Ranked third is the Kingston Rossdale, who is also the son of Gwen Stefani. While Suri Cruise had to settle for being ranked fourth. What about other famous artists?

Of course names like Justin and Miley Cyrus also entered into the list. Bieber is ranked 18th, while Cyrus was ranked 20.

Emma Watson has just signed a contract with Burberry and Lancome only ranked 44th. Lady Gaga even just be ranked 99. Baby Will Smith, Jaden Smith and Willow are also included in the list. While actress Amanda Seyfried is ranked 100th.