Electric Failure hit Arizona and California make Transportation Disrupted

Electrical failure in United States
Electrical failure in United States

This week major electric failure hit the state of Arizona and California, United States of America, making the activities of at least two million people affected. Also due to power failure, transportation in the region was disrupted.

Reporting from the BBC website, Friday, September 9, 2011, electrical failure incident caused severe traffic chaos in various cities. Two nuclear reactors in California also have to cease operations temporarily.

San Francisco is a city that suffered the worst impacts, all flights from these cities had to be canceled. Electric failure in Los Angeles caused the train stops operations because of lack of enough power for lighting and signals.

Officer Denies causes blackout was an act of team group. Until now, the cause of electricity failure is unknown, and officers are still investigating. Electricity is estimated to still be flowing into the evening.

In addition to the traffic chaos, residents also suffer from overheating due to dry weather that occurred in these two states. Blackout, residents can not turn on air conditioning.

"It feels like you are in the oven and not get out," said Rosa Maria Gonzalez, a spokesman for the State Irrigation District in eastern California.

Electrical failure also occurred in the state of Baja, Mexico. Due to electrical failure, a number of people had to be rescued from the elevator and some amusement park rides suddenly jammed.