Heidi Klum show her Body in Public

Heidi Klum
Heidi Klum

Supermodel Heidi Klum was old and not young, but she still has sexy plump body. Heidi Klum is also famous as a celebrity who likes to flaunt the body in public.

And the habit of showing off body made ​​Heidi Klum when she vacationed with her family. When sunbathing at the pool, accidentally Klum topless. Heidi Klum claims while basking in the sun do not like wearing a bikini for fear of skin blemishes.

However, she had experienced difficulties when trying to take action to show off the chest in a hotel in Phoenix, Arizona.

Is eager to enjoy a casual event that, Heidi Klum just getting into trouble. She was getting complaints from people around the hotel because the action is.

"I was lying on the side of the pool and people came. He was a peace officer. He asked me to wear a bikini again because he got complaints from many people," Heidi Klum said when attending the show 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno' as quoted by Femalefirst, Sunday, September 4, 2011.

Heidi Klum had followed advice from the security guard. She was wearing a bikini again, but, it only lasted a while. Then she took off her bikini again.

"Then, the guard came back and asked me to wear a bikini. If not I'll get in trouble," said Klum remember the words of a local hotel security guard.

Heidi Klum added that she often acts topless while vacationing in Europe. And when in the Blue Continent was no one protests because her action was topless.