Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux will Married in Cabo San Lucas

Aniston and Theroux
Aniston and Theroux

Hollywood celebrity Jennifer Aniston will soon be married to Justin Theroux, renowned actor and director. However, the question is whether Aniston was able to forget her ex-husband, Brad Pitt. And ready to take a new life with Theroux.

Moreover, while promoting his latest film, "Moneyball", Brad Pitt also leverage the failure of his marriage to Aniston. For Aniston, Pitt's all confessions, including his apology petition raised only the old wounds.

However, Jennifer Aniston did not want to seem her past to be a destroyer of happiness in the future. She was ready to forget the past and welcome a new life. A source quoted by OK! Magazine says Aniston and Theroux will get married in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico before the end of this year.

"Why let some gossip Aniston should block it, when she finally found a better man than Brad Pitt?" The source said.

The source added that the love and support from Theroux makes Jennifer Aniston can heal the wounds of her past with Pitt and busied herself in wedding plans.

They both have considered some of the wedding venue. Starting from the roof of their residence, to Hawaii, where both are on vacation recently.

"They plan to Hawaii, but eventually they decided the wedding in Cabo," said the source.

Cabo tropical nuances and just 90 minutes flight from Los Angeles. This will facilitate their friends to come, like Courteney Cox and Sheryl Crow.

Hollywood celebrity wedding designer, Mindy Weiss reportedly will design the couple's beach wedding in a luxurious atmosphere with the guests.

This Hollywood artist also looks more calm in the face of this second marriage. Jennifer Aniston did not want to hold a wedding like when she was married to Pitt.

"Their ultimate goal is to make the marriage interesting, a symbol of the beginning of their lives will people remember it forever", added the source.