Kris Humphries relationship with Kardashian Family

kris humphries
kris humphries

Famous celebrity Kim Kardashian, 30 age, officially became Kris Humphries wife, 26 age, since August 2011. Not just getting a wife, a basketball player also gets a big family at the same time.

However, relationship newlyweds are not as smooth as Humphries relationship with his wife's family. A source said, Kris Humphries sparked the problem and involved a fight with Kim sister.

To Us Weekly, a source said that the dispute between Kris and his in-laws place on a vacation to the island of Bora-Bora, French Polynesia. Kris Humphries criticized the way sister-in-law, Kourtney Kardashian, 32 age, in educating her son Mason who were aged 21 months.

"According to Kris, Kourtney like a slave in the presence of her son," said the source.

Kris Humphries attitude towards Kim's sisters were also considered as the source of the disharmony. "He's such a strange and very clumsy man," the source said. "Kris getting famous for marrying Kardashian."