Appearance of Kate Middleton get Criticism

Kate Middleton casual
Kate Middleton casual

Fashionista and fashion workers are currently gathered in New York. This is so their conversation in the event Fashion Week, not just about the latest collections from famous designers. But also, about the appearance of Kate Middleton.

If during the appearance of Prince William's wife was always able to praise, precisely at this prestigious fashion event, she criticized the bitter end. This was disclosed by one of the leading British fashion editor, Liz Jones. As reported by the Daily Mail, many observers who assume the appearance of Kate Middleton casual.

"If she is not in the circle of the royal family, let her walk on the streets of New York. You will not see her two times," said one observer fashion.

Other fashion observers say "She's just a very ordinary girl," and according to other fashion editor, Kate Middleton needs a better makeup.

Responding to this Liz Jones also did not deny that a few times looking her wrong. Like the first time she wore a navy court shoes with stockings. But now she says, Kate Middleton deserve to be ambassador of British fashion, because it always looks elegant gown collection UK brand, Reiss.

She also believes Kate has honed and refined in appearance. Leaving the first mistake when looking, now Kate Middleton looks more elegant style and flourish. Peculiarities in appearance or her signature style lies in its ability to combine fashion designer with high street labels.

Then why Kate Middleton appearance so the material of criticism? Liz thought it was because she never wore clothes like that carried out the fashionista, which is filled with adoration and arrogant.

Kate smiles wide, according to Liz, a best accessory ever. She manages to look elegant yet uncomplicated manner. Nowadays people consider to be fashionable, is about to wear the most expensive, most recently, regardless of whether the match can be purchased or used.

Liz advised Kate to stick to her style as it is today. Kate Middleton must continue to rely on clothes that had been made comfortable, the design Erdem, Christopher Kane and Jonathan Saunders. Related makeup, according to Liz, Kate seems to be a beachcomber, this is to fix her makeup.