Eyewear favorite Valentino Rossi is Oakley Holbrook

Valentino Rossi eyewear
Valentino Rossi eyewear

This week, Oakley Indonesia launched the Valentino Rossi Signature Series Sunglasses Holbrook. Ducati rider recognizes Oakley a product eyewear with unbeatable performance and unparalleled style.

Valentino Rossi aka The Doctor joined and became Oakley ambassador in March 2011. Global Marketing and Brand Development Oakley, Scott Bowers, confirmed the selection of Valentino Rossi as an Oakley icon for one of the most successful motorcycle riders of all time.

"Valentino is very thirst for adrenaline was perfect with Oakley image. He continues to innovate on its performance to penetrate the boundaries, and he recognizes that we also do the same thing," Bowers said in a press conference in Jakarta, Thursday, September 15, 2011.

"In the world of sport which demands a vision best, world-class athletes are very dependent on Oakley eyewear technology for maximum performance and protection. Valentino recognize and appreciate that fact," said Bowers,

Despite status as one of the best MotoGP rider in history, Valentino Rossi is famous for its humble personality. "Rossi is also known for its humility, and style of Oakley's unique personality are presented. We are proud Valentino Rossi join us and become our brand ambassadors," said Bowers.

Valentino Rossi himself said he was happy with the product Oakley was wearing. "I chose Oakley for expressing my natural ambition. Their focus on technology and innovation that makes the quality of Oakley products are very special and extraordinary," said Rossi.

Eyewear favorite Valentino Rossi is Oakley Holbrook. Former Yamaha rider has teamed up with Oakley's designers to create a version of his classic style, the V46 Signature Holbrook. As brand ambassador, Valentino Rossi is currently conducting his campaign as an Oakley icon in Italy and Spain.