Barack Obama plan: Employment Act Americans

Barack Obama Employment Act Americans
Barack Obama Employment Act Americans

President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, asked parliament to support his ambitious plan to create many jobs and tax cuts for the American people. Two issues that are very critical to rescue the U.S. economy, which continues to crisis in this situation.

According to the Associated Press news agency, Barack Obama request that delivered the speech in Congress on Thursday night in Washington DC. Rarely can the president called on Congress, from both the House and Senate, to hold a special joint session to hear his speech.

Barack Obama stated that the provision of employment and tax cuts will cost U.S. $ 450 billion. "This plan is the right thing for the applied current. You have to authenticate it and I want to convey this message to all corners of the country," Obama said of his plan, which called the Employment Act Americans.

Among the application of Obama's plan Employment Act Americans is to cut the amount of salary deductions for Social Security for tens of millions of workers and their employers as well. Also Barack Obama wants to tax workers' reduced to 3.1 percent.

Barack Obama also suggested that many schools and roads across the United States improved by deploying many residents are still unemployed, employed many teachers and police, as well as extending unemployment benefits. He also wants tax breaks for businesses that hire people unemployed for six months or more.

"This plan will cut taxes for companies that hire new workers and will also cut taxes by half for the workers and small businesses," Obama said.

Unemployment became a major problem for the Obama administration, whose popularity was declining. A total of 14 million residents are still unemployed and this makes the U.S. jobless rate remained high at 9.1 percent. Public confidence in the Barack Obama administration in the economy has been declining.

Meanwhile, according to BBC news stations, the opposition of Republicans think Obama's cynical speech. They assess the proposal Employment Act Americans was part of Barack Obama's campaign scenario ahead of the presidential election of 2012.