Amanda Knox released from Prison

Amanda Knox
Amanda Knox

Court of Perugia, Italy finally granted the appeal and release Amanda Knox, an American student who was jailed four years of related murders her roommate in 2007. This decision was greeted with joy by the proponents of Amanda Knox in court and her family in Seattle.

Reporting from the CNN news station, Tuesday, October 4, 2011, appeal filed lovers Knox, Raffaele Sollecito, also was granted and he was released from prison. Amanda Knox and Sollecito were released for lack of strong evidence and the absence of witnesses.

"I do not mean and rough as they said. I do not k1ll, and steal," Amanda Knox said in her defense. During this time, the media refer to her as a sadistic female half demon, while according to her family, Knox is a kindly woman who faced angel.

On the other hand, family and supporters Meredith Kercher who were victims of murder, very angry and disappointed by the decision of the judge. They argued the decision was not fair to the girl from England who were victims of homicide as long as this world's attention is sucked in Knox.

"Shame!" Kercher's supporters shouted outside the courthouse. "I am really disappointed with the Italian law because Kercher's family need justice and the real story. I'm not satisfied, because the whole Perugia accord with the families of the victims," ​​said Veronica, a student of Perugia.

Knox and Kercher were roommates when they joined the student exchange program at the University Degli Study in Perugia. Before she lifeless, some people are saying that Kercher objected to the Amanda Knox attitude that did not want to share the housework, and her exhibitionist attitude.

Kercher was found lifeless in a state of half-naked and neck slashed in her bedroom floor in Perugia on 2 November 2007. Four days later, police arrested Amanda Knox, Sollecito, and Diya Lumumba, owner of the bar where Knox worked part-time.

Lumumba was released because investigators found no evidence of involvement. Knox and Sollecito immediately thrown into prison on charges of murder, each was sentenced to 26 years in prison and 25 years.

Now, after her freedom, Amanda Knox was asked to pay compensation amounting to 22 thousand euros because it had accused Lumumba of killing Kercher. She also hopes to have a normal life again after returning to Seattle.