Behind movie Titanic 3D versions

Titanic 3D
Titanic 3D

I believe you ever watch Titanic movie. The love story between Jack Dawson played by Leonardo DiCaprio, and Rose DeWitt Bukater played by Kate Winslet will be re-aired in theaters. This time, Titanic movie in 3D format.

James Cameron is an initiative to bring back the very popular movie in 1997 into a 3D format. With the help of Oscar-winning director, Jon Landau, they try to change the original film format 2D into 3D version under Paramount production houses in Los Angeles.

"There are many films that were brought back to the movies because there are several generations who have not seen the film at all," said Cameron, quoted from Aceshowbiz.

Not just because of that reason, James Cameron also felt very amazed with the development of film technology industries. "I think this is very spectacular. If I have a 3D camera at that time and the theaters was able to show 3D movies, I will definitely make the Titanic with the 3D format."

But unfortunately, the Titanic as a whole will not be made in the 3D version because this movie is not intentionally created by making a 3D movie. There are some scenes that will be converted into 3D, like, the scene where Jack and Rose met in the grand staircase, dancing on the deck, and the romantic scenes are phenomenal at the bow of the ship, and not behind the scenes when the ship struck an iceberg in the northwest Atlantic Ocean .

Titanic 3D versions cost up to $ 18 million USD to reproduce movies and hire 300 artists with a target completion at week 60. The plan, Paramount Pictures and 20th Century Fox will re-releasing the film on April 6, 2012, coinciding with the 100th anniversary of the RMS Titanic's inaugural voyage on April 10, 1912.