Kim Kardashian left Kris Humphries, they will Divorce?

Kim Kardashian left Kris Humphries
Kim Kardashian left Kris Humphries

Happiness of celebrity couple Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries at the beginning of their marriage, has now ended. The famous couple is still considered newlyweds no longer harmonious.

Kim Kardashian household who was just two months, was in the balance. The news circulating, Kim was not happy with her ​​marriage with Humphries. She wanted a break.

"I do not know if they've announced the breakup but they're done. They will get divorced," said the source.

Kim Kardashian left Humphries and chose to stay in a hotel in New York. Kim Kardashian avoids Humphries. Actress and socialite refused to meet her husband.

"They're not together anymore about a month. Kim settled in New York and stayed at the Hotel. Kris Humphries failed to meet with Kim," another source said.

Reality show star was rumored to have shut her heart from Humphries. When she travels, Kris Humphries no longer included in the list.

"Kim has made plans for 2012, including for vacation, there are no names Humphries," said another source.

Early rift households Kim Kardashian and Humphries started when she was worried her husband were married just because of money. Moreover, after officially became husband Kim, Humphries decided to quit as basketball athletes.

"Kim is very sad. They always fight," another source said as quoted by Life Style.

Kim felt sad that her dream to settle down and have children do not walk after her plans. She felt sorry for being so easy to decide immediately committed marriage with Kris Humphries.

"Kim Kardashian felt this would happen, she did not have much time to get to know Kris Humphries. She is very shy and now she felt trapped," said a different source.