Why Jennifer Aniston crying?

crying Jennifer Aniston
crying Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston journey of love is not as smooth as her career in entertainment. In fact, she also had cornered with spicy sentences Brad Pitt, who admitted to not be happy while undergoing a household with Jennifer Aniston. She always looks tough and never appeared sad face.

Then, why is Jenni seen shed a tear while in Washington DC some time ago?

The pictures Jennifer Aniston was crying and trying to wipe away the tears widely circulated. In the photos it looks at all these women are so emotional and sad. Investigate a crying Aniston has nothing to do with her love story that always ends sadly.

As quoted by OK! Magazine, Jennifer Aniston was crying because she was moved by the experience of one of breast cancer patients in the fight against the disease. Jenni then hugged her and was very impressed with the stretcher.

Tears were dripping wet cheeks and Jennifer Aniston really had to make some people by surprise. Especially people who are close to this lover Justin Theroux.

"The flip side of her that he rarely showed that side of this is. But, what she show the tears really showed she was very concerned," said the source.

Still according to sources, during this time Jennifer Aniston was always trying to cover her grief in public. However, since the presence of Theroux in her life, Jenni undergone many changes. She began to express what he felt in public.