Kim Jung Hoon drunk Driving

Kim Jung Hoon
Kim Jung Hoon
Kim Jung Hoon actor from Korea was indicted for drunk driving. After undergoing the examination, the police found alcohol in the body Kim Jung Hoon exceed exposure limits.

According to the Korean media, Kim Jung Hoon been drinking at a restaurant and immediately drove to his house. Jung Hoon arrest began when one saw the actor stumbled and looked drunk. Eyewitnesses report it immediately to authorities.

Then, the police stopped the Mercedes Benz car driven by the stars 'Princess Hours' is. Kim Jung Hoon's manager did not argue about the news.

"Kim's drink while he eats dinner with his friends. The house is quite close to the restaurant. So he drove without thinking," said manager Kim Jung Hoon was quoted as saying Xin.Msn.

Manager added that after the incident, Jung Hoon deeply regretted his actions. He chose to be alone.

"He was very sorry for the mistake and he is currently contemplating his actions," he continued.

Kim Jung Hoon began his career in the Korean entertainment world since 2000. He had joined the Korean duo named UN. Unfortunately, the duo only lasted six years. The duo broke and Jung Hoon moved the bow into the acting world.

Kim Jung Hoon name skyrocketed when he starred in the series 'Princess Hours'. But he has not had time to enjoy his popularity as an actor having to run the draft. Jung Hoon latest serial korean drama 'I Need Romance' which aired in Korea.