Fast Train South Africa started Operation

Fast train that links Johannesburg to Pretoria, South Africa, started operations Monday, August 1, 2011. With the existence of this pathway is expected to reduce the amount of traffic congestion by 20 percent.

Based on the statement in the Johannesburg city government sites, fast train going through this pathway is called the Gautrain. Minister of Highways and Transportation Gauteng province, Ismail Vida, said that this train will depart from the station towards Rosebang through Hatfield and Pretoria, stopping at eight stations, starting Tuesday, August 2, 2011.

For the convenience of passengers, also provided a bus to the fast train station from the settlements. Inauguration of this pathway should be faster. However, due to problems in the tunnel at the Rosebank station, the launch was postponed.

That problem is the presence of water leaks in the tunnel path. Vadi said the problem has been corrected and now the path is safe, but monitoring is still underway. As a result of this leakage, rapid railway construction became delayed the second phase, Vadi apologized for this.