Michael Jackson children attend in the Launch of Artwork

Michael Jackson is King of Pop may have lifeless more than two years ago. However, Michael Jackson still lives in the memories of his children, Prince, 14, Paris, 13, and Blanket, 9. As quoted from page Dailymail, Jackson's three children attend with their grandmother, Katherine, and their aunt, LaToya in the launch of the artwork singer of 'Billie Jean' was in Los Angeles, earlier this week.

Works of art that has the signature and photograph Michael Jackson was donated to a children's hospital in Los Angeles. As for the artwork, including sketches of Mickey Mouse, crowns, and Peter Pan. In addition there is also a very famous moonwalk picture.

The artwork was donated by a friend of Michael Jackson, Brett Livingstone-Strong. "I think if Michael here, today, he would be happy," said Brett. "I believe his talent flow to be an exceptional artist. He used to dream of an exhibition," he said.

Jackson's children who have always appeared shrouded in public, the public face looks relaxed. Prince looks much more mature by wearing black clothes and sunglasses. While Paris was wearing a peach and white vest.

They also write personal messages in a sketch that made ​​his father. The youngest Blanket for example, writes, "The work of art and music my dad always makes people happy. I love you dad."