Riots in England still Continue

Riots in London and Tottenham, England, still continue to occur causing dozens of people injured. Reportedly, in the event, no citizen of Indonesia who have contributed to the victim or participating in riots.

It is delivered by the Information Section of Social and Cultural Embassy of the Republic Indonesia in London, Billy Wibisono, quoted from VIVAnews, Tuesday, August 9, 2011. He said the embassy has worked with the police and the UK hospital to monitor citizens.

"Thank God, until now there has been no reports of casualties," said Billy.

In addition to monitoring, Billy said the Embassy has also sent an appeal to the citizens of Indonesia who live in London. Appeal delivered through the London Embassy website, mailing lists residents, fuel and SMS.

"First we called for increased vigilance and avoid crowds. Second, we urge residents comply with applicable law and does not contribute to a riot," said Billy.

Billy says there are between 10000-11000 citizens across the United Kingdom. In areas prone now numbering tens of points, Billy said, few citizens in that place. Some citizens in Tottenham have also been evacuated to relatives or friends.

"The action was originally a protest against the shooting of Mark Duggan, now completely become a criminal act," Billy said.

The riots began on Saturday evening last week and continues until now. The riots that initially occurs only at Tottenham now spread to Liverpool and Birmingham, and even more widely reported. Dozens of business premises and vehicles were reported burned, hundreds of people arrested for alleged provocateurs.