Angelina Jolie began working behind the Camera

Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie

Beauty actress Angelina Jolie as known sexy lipped artist who has become movie player since child, admitted intending to stop acting. Angelina Jolie revealed that she and Brad Pitt want to gradually withdraw from the world that has raised her name is.

"When I and Brad Pitt grow older, we would be acting in fewer movies," said Angelina Jolie was quoted Hollyscoop.

According to her, Angelina Jolie and her husband have been doing this a long time and do not want to do this forever. "There are many things we do," Jolie said.

She also admitted that she did not like the movie business as they should. "I love being a mom," Angelina Jolie said.

If it does not become an actress, will switch where the artist famous for role as Lara Croft this?

Not a movie player, does not mean she was retreat from the world that has raised her name is. Angelina Jolie began working behind the camera. Jolie made ​​her debut as a director on the film 'In the Land of Blood and Honey'. Angelina Jolie said she learned from her own experience with the directors who ever worked with.

"I think I've learned a lot from them all, even the I do not like though," said Jolie.

A source also revealed that not only tired of acting, she was also tired of seeing Brad Pitt acting. No wonder indeed, the family could not help but be left at their homes, while Brad Pitt has to work.

In fact, Angelina Jolie often brings with it six children to accompany Brad Pitt to work during the filming of World War Z in Malta.

"She does not like being at home when Brad Pitt went for a long time filming made ​​make Angelina Jolie and their children without the many things they can do," the source said.